When we started our college careers, we each had a vision for our paths as artists. As we have developed our skills and discipline, we've grown through the connections we've made with each other and realized that, although our goals are different, we are all interconnected.

Although COVID-19 changed a lot of logistics with our Senior Exhibit, we rose up to the challenge to bring you a gallery website that showcases all that we've been working so hard to create. Our show Interconnections focuses on the similarities we share as artists, and how we are all interconnected in some way and embrace the differences in our craft. 

Choosing a concept that works with five different artists is no easy feat. There was a lot of brainstorming involved to come up with a concept that we all felt represented us all. Many days were spent attempting to decide between names, color palettes, and ways our art could merge together. Along with the help of our lovely professors, we were able to come up with a name and idea that fit us all perfectly. 

We come from Washington, Idaho, California, and Colorado. Five very different artists, but we all have one goal in mind: figuring out how to make a career in art. Some of the fields we are considering as artists are editorial work, story-boarding, game design, surface design, graphic novels, and children book illustrations  (just to name a few). 

This exhibit is hosted at the Seattle Pacific Art Center located in Seattle, Washington. Thank you for teaching us and everything you do for the students. We appreciate it!

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Emilia Sunderland

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