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Caitlyn Olexer


Artist Statement

I tend to find myself paying homage to the smaller moments in life through my art. These are the small tasks we do each day that we typically do not give a second thought to. I see these seemingly menial tasks as meditative. These tasks give us a moment to slow down and think since these are things most people do daily.

We start in the morning taking a bath or shower and brushing our hair and teeth. After we see the struggle of deciding what to wear in the morning. Both of these are preparing us for the day ahead and that will set the tone for the rest of the day. I thought  about how I go about the day and used for some I used real images of my own home. Then we move to snapshots of single moments of seven different women through the day, at home, out an about, and even roller skating. These are snapshots designed to capture their outfits but they have been placed in their natural habitats. For the set of seven women, I started by thinking about the different types of women and what different styles they would be interested in. Next I did some research for what's currently in fashion, as well as different locations that fashion influencers use as backgrounds. Outdoors has the natural best lights, but sometimes they pictures are taken in well curated homes. There is a few other small moments pictured here like the view of your home or just taking a moment to tidy up.


Through my work, we bounce around snippets of daily life. I hope I can help other see the beauty and importance of just taking a moment to think and recenter and enjoy even the littlest of things even if it is just throwing on your trusty sweatpants in the morning.


Caitlyn is a Seattle based illustrator and graphic designer. She works in a wide variety of mediums including intaglio and screen printing, digital work, and acrylic paint. Her work is light, fun, and full of whimsy. She enjoys paying homage to the smaller moments in life. Her work has been featured in her local Starbucks and she has also completed a few commissioned pieces over the years. She’s loved art since she was a toddler, scribbling away with crayons in her high chair, and could never imagine doing anything else with her life.

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