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Trong Nguyen


Artist Statement

As an artist, I am captivated by the alluring and powerful image of the male body. Through my work, I aim to capture the strength, beauty, and sensuality of the male form. My work focuses on the depiction of youthful beauty and eroticism, exploring the intersection of these themes with masculinity. I like to work digitally because it enables me to create spontaneously without any constraints or disruptions that are commonly associated with traditional art forms. This spontaneity and fluidity is what keeps my art fresh and exciting, and digital drawing is the perfect medium to facilitate this process. Through the use of color, light, and form, I aim to create art that is both visually striking and emotionally evocative. I hope to challenge traditional notions of masculinity and to celebrate the diversity and complexity of the male experience. My goal is to create art that is both thought-provoking and visually pleasing, and that explores the many facets of the male body

Artist Bio
Hello! Xin chào!!!
I am Trong Nguyen. I am a freelance illustrator. Growing up in Vietnam, I had a passion for art, but opportunities for formal training and professional development were limited. Gladly, the dream of becoming a professional artist finally came true when I moved to the US, where I met so many other talented artists who inspired me to pursue this career and work towards my future path. My work spans various different mediums such as charcoal, pencil, watercolor, oil painting, and also digital arts. As an artist, I myself find that art is such an open topic where everything is subjective, therefore I don’t have any specific theme or concept. Instead, my work is centered around the idea of creating visually appealing art, regardless of the subject matter. I draw inspiration from everyday objects and situations, which I reinterpret and present in a new light, making them more captivating and thought provoking.

Outside of art, I love working out. If I’m not drawing, I’m probably at the gym. ^_^

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Digital media


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Digital media


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Digital media

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