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Sarah Thompson


Artist Statement
In my work, I strive to create connections between art and the audience. I enjoy exploring concepts, engaging with themes, and creating stories for the audience to immerse and find themselves in. I love to get my hands dirty and dip into various materials, mediums, and artistic expressions. Part of my practice is exploring different formats to discover what will best portray what I am creating. These pieces, which I collectively call "Wish You Were Here", explore concepts of home, belonging, and what we take from places we have been. I grew up between two different places in the world. Through conversations and connections with people of all cultures and ages, I have realized that "growing up" isn't as isolated an experience as I may have believed, and my two legal residences were not as different as they may have seemed. These pieces portray the connections I have with people and places, and they tell the stories we share. In my recollections, feelings, and experiences, do you see yourself there? Do you remember them, too?

Artist Bio
Sarah Thompson is an animator, illustrator, and all-around creative based in Washington. She grew up between the cornfields of the Midwest U.S.A. and a small town outside Budapest, Hungary, which gave her both a distaste for the State’s lack of public transportation and a unique, broad perspective of the world.
As an artist, Sarah loves to explore styles and mediums and has a particular love for drawing and making drawings move. She strives to make artwork that is thoughtful and connects with her audience, whoever and wherever they may be.
Sarah now attends a university in Seattle. You can often find her on walks, eating popcorn in movie theaters, or reading copious amounts of books.

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