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Daisy Velasquez


Artist Statement

I am forever enchanted by the world's environs, the spectrums of colors each one holds, and the complexity of the life inhabited there. In each space, I find myself imagining what has been, is, and will be on the land. In every piece of land, there is a storyline, and I strive to capture this allure in my work. 

In my two and three-dimensional creations, I keep a theme of fiction that embraces magic. My inspiration comes from my childhood habits of make-believe that never left. In brief moments of a million daydreams and quick seconds of storylines, by some happenstance, an illustration is started. Keeping in mind how everything in an environment has a purpose and works together, I piece things together starting from a centerpiece and building the world around it.

Artist Bio

My name is Daisy Velasquez and I am a creator from Seattle Washington. I primarily focus on digital 2-D and 3-D art that is influenced by various comics, fantasy, and science fiction. My creative choices have been influenced by my fascination with the advancements in CGI and digital art in the early 2000s. I primarily work through Procreate, blender, and adobe illustrator. I graduated with my associate in arts and sciences and later on with a BA in illustration. Outside of art making, I enjoy cafe-hopping, gaming, writing storylines, exploring hidden parts of cities, and appreciating the details in life.

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