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Elly Ha

Artist Statement

Persona, the idea or image representing that a person can relate to in a certain setting that is true to their nature. My artwork explores fantasy/ futuristic themes in which different types of characters exist that can relate to an audience. Expanding on unique types of personalities and humanly characteristics. Creating characters that can be used for gaming to help players feel more connected to the game they are playing. The idea that a players’ ability to connect with a certain characteristic helps emphasize what the player is lacking in the outside world and helps fill the gap of what a fictional character helps to seize.


My work represents what the future might hold in character design. I like to connect character design with my greatest strength, imagination. I use it to generate inanimate objects into characters that represent different aspects of everyday life. Many of my characters are inspired by both futuristic hypothetical realities and fantasy worlds that exist only in the mind. When I look at an object, I can picture that object with human characteristics.Varying from its personality to wardrobes and even cosmetics. 


When I first start my character, I look at the object I am taking inspiration from and look at its thematic colors. Color theory plays a large role in shaping how I design my characters and says a lot about how the character’s persona might be. I analyze how can that certain object be reciprocated into something that a player can relate to. For example, when I look at a strawberry, I think of what best suits a“strawberry” like persona as a person. I question my choices when drafting from, what does the human mind think of when we picture a strawberry? Does this piece of wardrobe best suit what the object represents? All these questions make sure that the character truly represents its highest potential.


Most of my artwork stems from using digital technology. I have a fascination for digital technology and believe that the art world is expanding by using technology-based applications.It is amazing what the art world has in store when it combines with the futuristic technologies of the century. I like to think that a player can relate to my characters and can use that imaginative fictional character to fill the gaps of what they are missing. Technology has the power to do so, however, I think there are certain bonds that a player connects to humanly characteristics than an augmented reality than


Meet Elly Ha. She was born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and moved to the United States at the age of two. She has lived in both Seattle and Portland, spending most of her childhood time at home watching American/Japanese animations on the television. From time to time, she would watch her older cousin, who would often doodle characters and show them to Elly. Those memories of hers were what drove her to pursue art.​

Currently, she focuses her time on making digital character illustrations. She works on Character Concepts in UI Game Design. Elly takes inspiration in everyday items to create fascinating and loveable characters.

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