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Jessica Brown


Artist Statement

Inspired by comedy anime and internet memes, my work consists primarily of 5 to 30 second meme animations. I grew up watching gag anime and memes on Youtube, and that type of lighthearted but zany humor is very present in my videos. My work tends to have no deeper meaning than just being funny, but I do hope to some day be able to make a positive impact through my work.

My animation process begins with brainstorming a punchline. I tend to just let my mind wander with a joke, trying to think of how to best build up to it, and then begin making an animatic in Clip Studio Paint. As I work on the animatic, I tend to come up with even more scenes and try them out as I go along. While the content of my works is typically the opposite of serious, I do try to be mindful of the perspective, timing, and camerawork of the video to make sure that the story can be visually comprehensive and also engaging.

I’ve previously made videos and GIFs in Adobe Photoshop, Animate, After Effects, and Clip Studio Paint, but I’ve been using Clip Studio for my work near exclusively for the past year.


My name is Jessica Brown! I specialize in making humorous, meme-like animations using Clip Studio Paint. I am from Hawaii but currently living in Texas. In my spare time I enjoy hanging out with my friends, playing video games, or watching gag anime. I also play in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign as either my crafty squirrel rogue-wizard, or my friendly Kenku bard who just wants everyone to get along. I also like making digital paintings and learning about new foods to cook.

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