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Jada Inouye (they/she)


Artist Statement
I appreciate and enjoy the intricacy and beauty of God’s creation through people and nature. As a detail-oriented and observant person, my work reflects my personality and the inspiration I find in nature and people. Furthermore, my work helps me connect with and explore my identity as a Japanese-American through subtle motifs and subjects. Through my intricate line work, color choices, and the subjects I illustrate, I attempt to capture certain emotions and a feeling of intimacy. Additionally, I hope to convey a story that viewers can interpret for themselves through my illustrations. Although I am inspired by the natural world, my stylistic approach is a mix of realism with my imagination to create my own style that feels personable and resonating. I hope to create work that invites viewers to consider the beauty of people in the natural world. 

Artist Bio
Hi, I'm Jada (J) Inouye (they/she).  I am a freelance illustrator with an interest in creating work for posters, book covers, magazines, and other editorial work. I love learning and exploring different styles and materials. My favorite subjects to draw are people/characters, and my work is inspired by my culture and upbringing as a Japanese-American from Hawaii.  Outside of creating illustrations, I enjoy running, reading, cooking, and being outdoors.  

Thank you for being here.


Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage

Mock-up book cover of Murakami Haruki's Colorless
Tsukuru Tazaki and
His Years of Pilgrimage
Japanese version


Flower Meadow (花の草原)

Personal project


Kafka on the Shore

Mock-up book cover of Haruki Murakami's Kafka on the Shore Japanese version

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