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Robyn J. Hill




Artist Statement

Some say that magic is dead. That the mythical and fantastical only exists within the pages of a book or in the frames of a film. That the world around us is only made up of suffering, grey, and things that bring about hopelessness and depression. However, it is my belief as an artist that the magic we hear about in these forms of media exists and lives abundantly in the beauty we see around us, and it is because of this magic that we are able to live and thrive. This is the beauty I aim to capture within the forms and elements in each of my environmental illustrations. The worlds I create are made with the intention of reflecting the beauty that I see and imagine around me so that others may also get a sense of that which I find beautiful. It is also my hope that the lens through which I see the beauty in world is also able to help others realize even more the abundance of magic that lives around them, and the wonderful stories that each individual is a part of.


Hello! My name is Robyn, and I am an illustrator based in the Greater Seattle area. I am mostly found working digitally, using Photoshop and Procreate, but I also enjoy working with inks and watercolor for a more tactile feel.


I love creating immersive, environments that are brought to life through color. In each of my illustrations, I aim to capture a sense of wonder in the narrative of the illustration. In each of my environments, I draw with the intent to create something that could be used as a background for games, animation, or concept art for a story.

Outside of art, I enjoy traveling, cooking, spending time with loved ones, exploring the world with my camera, and doting on my cats. 

meet the artist

Meet the Artist

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