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Sabrina Waller

Artist Statement

With a drive for game creation, I am currently working on my passion project Boba Bonds.  My game is a fun and friendly with a focus on character narration.  This series is how I intend to share my love of milk tea and coffee shops.  The atmosphere of a milk tea shop is special and I want my game to feel just like one.  For the longest time, Milk tea shops were like my own little safe haven.  They were places I could go for hours on end and do nothing more then relax and draw.  With my own idea of a refuge, I chose to emulate my own experiences by emphasizing designs and expressions.  My aim was to really push myself as an artist and create a cute and wacky game.

A lot of my art is inspired by Video Games, Anime, Cartoons, Manga, and Comic Books.  I am enamored by bright colors and characters and try to incorporate that into my own works.  I always try to put a little piece of myself in each and every thing I draw.  Whether it be fan-art or original art, I'm always striving to improve and get better by each piece.  My own goal is to put just a bit more joy into the world.

During such a hard time with the global pandemic, I think what people need is something lighthearted and simple.  Something they can relax to and unwind with.  Each scratch I make on the paper is done in the hopes that it can eventually paint a smile onto someone's face.  People may forget, a smile a day brings happiness your way!  Cheesy as it is, smiling has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety.  It even helps to improve confidence.  For me, if it helps one person's day to get better then my goal has been met.


My name is Sabrina Waller. I am a Game Design specialist with an emphasis in character art. My expertise lies in digital illustration, character design, and 3d modeling. I love to play games like Bravely Default, Persona, Phoenix Wright, and Final Fantasy. Growing up, my family and I would stay up all night playing horror games like Resident Evil together. I also vividly recall me and my sister resetting persona 3 for the umpteenth time so we wouldn't miss out on important social links. My dad would also regularly regale me with his tales from the arcade and all the times he'd work to make his quarters last. Those memories really instilled into me a true fondness of video games. For me, they're things that bring people together and build communities. I chose to go into game design in the hopes my own works can one day help to connect people and bring them joy like games have for me.

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