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Samantha Stewart



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Artist Statement

Sometimes it can be so easy to walk through life without noticing the strange, even magical things that happen. I like to express those things in my art, the little experiences that can make a huge impact on our lives. Whether that be sitting outside just enjoying the breeze and the way it makes the tree branches move, or a spur of the moment evening trip to grab iced tea with boba. 


These are the kinds of experiences that my graphic novel highlights. The main character is a girl named Phoebe, with a secret ability that has been passed down in her family for generations, the ability of making plants grow. Her close friend Lucas also happens to have many secrets, and both of them often fail to notice that about each other. Like most people her age, the two of them are absorbed in their own thoughts and struggles. 


Following Phoebe along in the story, you are meant to notice the things that she doesn’t, and fully experience this life-filled world she lives in. This story is a reminder to live life more watchfully, to notice the strange, wonderful things that happen every day, and the beautiful diversity that lives in every person.


My name is Samantha Stewart, and I am an illustrator based in Seattle, Washington. Since I was young I have loved creating characters, stories, and expressing the beauty of the people around me. My favorite medium has always been sketching with pencil, but I love to use Procreate to color and finish my work. I also enjoy working with watercolor and gouache. 


Currently, I am working as the illustrator for SPU's Lingua Journal, and for the future I am hoping to work as a character designer and concept artist for film. 


When I'm not feverishly making art and comics, I like to play piano and sing, and spend time outside with my family. I also like to play video games, watch Terrace House and Studio Ghibli films, and listen to substantial amounts of pop music!

meet the artist

Meet the Artist

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