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Belén Contreras



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Artist Statement

My work focuses on storytelling through visuals and illustrations. My goal is to capture stories and emotions with characters, environments and expressions. 


For this showcase, I am displaying a collection of works I've created and revised over this past year. The first component is a set of storyboards intended for an original animated short I hope to create in the future. The second component demonstrates story art meant for different comic book concepts. Both concepts are original comic stories that are currently being developed. My aim for these was to create visual narratives through simple illustrations the viewer can follow along and watch a story unfold. 


I hope that others will feel inspired by my work and cultivate something creative in their own way.


My name is Belén Contreras but my artist brand name is Beece. I’m an illustrator/comic artist from Orange County, CA but currently live in Seattle. I’m graduating from Seattle Pacific University with an Illustration degree. 


I’m currently practicing storyboards, story art, and creating original comics. I use Adobe Photoshop and Procreate for all my digital work and I also like to use inks for traditional works. I hope to publish my own comic-book someday but right now I’m focusing on illustrating another person’s story. 


When I'm not creating art, I enjoy spending time with family, cuddling my dog and watching animated movies. I also enjoy reading comics, blasting cinematic soundtracks, and going for scenic drives.

meet the artist

Meet the Artist

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