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Madison Hunt



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Artist Statement

We are surrounded by nature everyday, yet most days we don’t stop and appreciate all that it has to offer. Time and time again, humanity takes advantage of mother earth. It is the job of the people to advocate for mother nature and bring awareness to the harm she has suffered.

I have always been passionate about the environment and climate change. Through my work I desire that I can bring awareness to these problems in a not-so-intimidating way. I aim to show the beauty that I see in the world and instead of tearing people down for what they haven’t done, I create with the intent of showing different ways that we can help to solve the problem.


The world we live in is a beautiful place, and I am showcasing that beauty throughout my art with the hope that it excites everyone else as much as it excites me. 


My name is Madison Hunt, and I am an illustrator currently living in Seattle, Washington. I love to work with a myriad of mediums, but I tend to focus on digital art.

I love creating worlds that immerse my audience into a place of peace and tranquility. There is so much good in the world, and throughout my work, I try to showcase that good and share it in my own voice. I work with a lot of flat color and line to create pieces that speak for themselves. My intention is that I can create work that can be licensed and shared with many people.

Another joy of mine is creating and working with surface and pattern design. I have always enjoyed pattern design, and it wasn’t until college that I realized that I could pursue my passion as a career! 

A little about myself outside of my art: I love nature, hiking with my pups, traveling, and spending time with my friends and family.

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