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Gabi Adams



Artist Statement
My art is rooted in the practice of art journaling and decorative craft projects. I incorporate my passion for history and storytelling into my process, as I believe that the act of creating is just as important as the final product. Through mixed media, including watercolor and gouache paints, digital artwork, and 3D crafting, I have created a series of fantasy-oriented works for the senior exhibit. I enjoy using these techniques to create tactile and functional pieces that serve as a reminder of the value of slowing down and savoring the process of making. I'm drawn to Illustration because of this, as it is a reflection of my desire to connect with my inner self and the world around me, bringing fantasy and magic into my artworks as an extension of my identity. Each artwork is interconnected to my overall view of how and why I create art. The top piece, “The Art & The Artist” is the focal point of these connections. With myself in the center of a grey world, my passion and imagination extend outwards to each of the adjacent sections, which all represent a concept that has been executed through the surrounding exhibit pieces. 3D world-building, fantasy and storytelling, tactility and bringing useful art within daily life, crafting, and decorating with elements of nature and classical inspirations. All the artworks speak to who I am as an artist and how my aesthetic, determination, desire, love, and allure to these concepts have shaped my personality and practice.

Artist Bio
Gabi Adams, (she/they) is a dedicated and skilled artist+illustrator. She recently graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a Bachelor of Art in Illustration, where she honed her digital and traditional artistic techniques. She understands the importance of communication, adaptability, and thoughtfulness in any professional setting.

Gabi is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice is deeply rooted in storytelling and exploration of history, folklore, and tall tales. In addition to her art-making, she loves reading an abundant amount of books, baking, listening to classical music, tending to her garden, and antique shopping! Gabi is particularly drawn to the skills of art journaling, decorative arts, and craft art. Her ultimate goal is to create work that is both personal and meaningful for her audience.

The Art & The Artist


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Fairy Cove

Mixed media

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